About Alferd T. Culbreth

With a rich history of professional involvement and entrepreneurship, Alfred T. Culbreth has been a leader of the telecommunications industry in America and abroad for several years. Having worked in all verticals of the business as a technician, sales professional, executive, and more, Alfred T. Culbreth gained certification and licensure from a range of organizations, and holds an Associate of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Educated at the University of West Georgia University in Carrollton and DeVry University in Miami, Florida, Alfred T. Culbreth laid strong foundations for a career in information technology and telecommunications. From 1984 to 1989, Alfred T. Culbreth filled roles as a technical engineer and field engineer for Telex Computer (a division of Raytheon) and the DEC Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. At the end of this period, Alfred T. Culbreth moved into a sales position with the Atlanta-based SOLID Computer Corporation, where he worked with a number of high-profile clients, including NASA. At the SOLID Computer Corporation for seven years, Alfred T. Culbreth demonstrated his proficiency in sales and averaged more than $120 million in annual sales revenues. Owing to his performance, Alfred T. Culbreth earned promotion to Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the SOLID Computer Corporation. After a highly successful two-year tenure with AT&T in Miami, Florida as a data network consultant, Alfred T. Culbreth founded Miami Telephone & Telegraph, Inc. in 1998. Since then, Alfred T. Culbreth has launched MT&T, Inc., Telecom Debit, Standard Communications Corporation, Inc., the TelcoCuba Corporation . Over the years, Alfred T. Culbreth has personally generated more than $1.8 billion in sales, and currently devotes his time and energy as Chairman of the  Ameican Premium Water Corporation and Chief Executive Officer of  L’Alpina USA Inc.


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